Scripture Verse

The Lord shall endure for ever: He hath prepared His throne for judgment. And He shall judge the world in righteousness, He shall minister judgment to the people in uprightness. Psalm 9:7–8


Words: Par­a­phrase of Psalm 9.

Music: Stroud­wa­ter, from Wil­kins’ Psalm­o­dy, cir­ca 1730 (🔊 pdf nwc).


The Lord forever sits as king;
For judgment sets His throne;
In righteousness to judge the world,
And justice give each one.

So shall the Lord a refuge be
For those that are oppressed;
A refuge will He be for them,
What time they are distressed.

And they that know Thy name in Thee
Their confidence will place:
For Thou hast not forsaken them
That truly seek Thy face.

O sing ye praises to the Lord
That dwells in Zion hill;
Among the peoples everywhere
His deeds declare ye still.