Lord, be Thou my helper.@Psalm 30:10

Jennie Wilson, 1895.

Leytonstone John S. Hendricks (🔊 pdf nwc).

John S. Hendricks (1855–1938)

When all is dark around me,
And earthly foes assail,
With heav’nly foes surround me,
Let power divine prevail.
O Lord, be Thou my helper,
In faith I turn to Thee;
Unto Thy love’s dear shelter,
For safety I would flee.

O keep me close beside Thee,
In life’s uneven way,
With constant watch-care guide me,
And never let me stray.
O Lord, be Thou my helper,
No other hand but Thine
Can lead me to the homeland,
Where fadeless glories shine.

Sometimes the path is lonely
My weary feet must tread;
Thy blessèd presence only
Can gladness round me shed.
O Lord, be Thou my helper,
My refuge and my rest,
My soul would lean forever
On Thy protecting breast.