To whom ye yield yourselves servants to obey, his servants ye are.@Romans 6:16
Matthias Loy (1828–1915)

Verse 1, Nikolaus Selnecker, 1572 (Lass mich dein sein und bleiben); verses 2–3, author unknown, 1688. translated from German to English by Matthias Loy, 1880, alt.

Ich Dank’ Dir Musika Deutsch (Nuremberg, Germany: 1532) (🔊 pdf nwc).

Nikolaus Selnecker (1532–1592)

Let me be Thine forever, Thou faithful God and Lord;
Let me forsake Thee never, nor wander from Thy Word.
Lord, do not let me waver, but give me steadfastness,
And for such grace forever Thy holy name I’ll bless.

Lord Jesus, my salvation, my light, my life divine,
My only consolation, oh, make me wholly Thine!
For Thou hast dearly bought me with blood and bitter pain.
Let me, since Thou hast sought me, eternal life obtain.

And Thou, O Holy Spirit, my comforter and guide,
Grant that in Jesus’ merit I always may confide,
Him to the end confessing whom I have known by faith.
Give me Thy constant blessing and grant a Christian death.