Conformed to the image of His Son.@Romans 8:29
Andreas P. Berggreen (1801–1880)

Valdimar Briem (1848–1930).

Berggren Andreas P. Berggreen (1801–1880) (🔊 pdf nwc).

Valdimar Briem (1848–1930)

Lord, let Thy Spirit, from earthly passion weaning,
Lead me along Thy will’s all-holy way,
To find by faith, on Jesus’ bosom leaning,
’Mid trial, doubt and need, in Him my stay.

Lord, let Thy Spirit, new love and life bestowing,
Create a holy heart my breast within;
That I, into my Savior’s likeness growing,
May bear His image through a world of sin.

Lord, let Thy Spirit, Thy Word’s deep wealth unsealing,
Lighten mine eyes with truth’s celestial fire;
In life, in death, the narrow path revealing,
Unto the promised land of our desire.