We are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus unto good works.@Ephesians 2:10

James R. Murray, in Little Pilgrim Songs, edited by Mrs. Wilbur F. Crafts & Hubert P. Main (New York/Chicago, Illinois: Biglow & Main, 1883), pages 38–39 (🔊 pdf nwc).

James R. Murray (1841–1905)

I need not go to India,
To China or Japan;
To work for Jesus here at home
I’ll do the best I can;
I’ll tell of His great love for me,
And how I love Him, too,
And better far, I’ll show my love
In all that I may do.


We all may work for Jesus,
Wherever we may be;
I’ll try to work for Jesus,
Who did so much for me.

The little water drops come down
To make the flowers grow;
The little rivulets flow on
To bless where’er they go;
The little seeds make mighty trees,
To cool us with their shade,
If little things like these do good,
To try, I’m not afraid.


I’ll be a missionary now,
And work the best I may,
For if I want to work for God,
There surely is a way;
I’ll pray for those who cross the sea,
My offering, too, I’ll send,
And do all that is in my power,
This great bad world to mend.