On your feet! He’s calling you.@Mark 10:49

Jacob A. Cole, in Songs of Life, edited by Carl F. Price (New York: Abingdon Press, 1921), number 13.

St. Louis Lewis H. Redner, 1868 (🔊 pdf nwc).

Lewis H. Redner (1831–1908)

In glad obedience to Thy call,
We seek Thee, gracious Lord;
To know Thy will, to serve Thy cause,
Our eager hearts are stirred;
Speak to us by Thy Spirit,
As to Thy seers of old;
May we from Thee true wisdom gain
Our willing minds to mold.

The place where Thou wouldst have us serve,
The work that we should do
To build the kingdom of Thy Son,
Bring clearly to our view;
Then may our inmost spirit
Respond unto Thy will,
And as we walk where Thou dost guide
O be Thou with us still.

The life and pow’rs Thou gavest us,
We dedicate today;
The gift we on the altar place
Accept, O Lord, we pray;
And when the life we give Thee
Its earthly task has done,
Receive and crown us, Lord, within
The kingdom Christ has won.