Christ died for us.@Romans 5:8

Anna E. Agnew, 1897.

Spanish melody (🔊 pdf nwc).

List to the story
Of the Christ, who for thy soul
Left all the glory,
All to make thee whole;
On the cross He suffered,
Bled and died on Calvary,
Thus for thee He purchased
Life so full and free.


Jesus is calling,
Sweet and low He calls for thee;
Jesus is calling,
Wilt thou come and see?

Anthems are ringing
Over earth and sea and shore,
Glad tidings bringing,
Telling o’er and o’er
Of a Savior risen;
For the stone is rolled away,
From the grave’s dark prison
He is risen today.


Now He is pleading
Up in Heaven for thee this hour,
There interceding
In His love and power;
Oh, the pardon proffered,
Blood to take thy sin away,
Love divine is offered,
Wilt thou come today?