The Lord is risen indeed.@Luke 24:34
Wilson T. Hogue (1852–1920)

Wilson T. Hogue, in the Free Methodist Hymnal (Winona Lake, Indiana: Free Methodist Publishing House, 1910).

Risen Lord Thoro Harris (🔊 pdf nwc).

Thoro Harris (1874–1955)

The Lord is ris’n indeed,
Loud let His praises ring!
From death’s dominion freed,
Ascends the conqu’ring King,
At God’s right hand to take His place
And reign supreme through everlasting days.

The Lord is ris’n indeed,
Risen to die no more;
And now in Heav’n doth plead
For those whose sins He bore
In dreadful anguish on the tree,
From sin and death to set His people free.

The Lord is ris’n indeed,
Conqu’ror of death and hell;
He lives, the woman’s Seed,
The King invisible:
He lives to bruise the serpent’s head,
And raise His ransomed people from the dead.

The Lord is ris’n indeed,
Entered the courts on high,
To win for man the meed
Of immortality:
And soon to earth will He descend,
The cruel reign of sin and death to end.