The Lamb of God, who taketh away the sin of the world.@John 1:29
Charles Wesley (1707–1788)

From Hymns for Times of Trouble and Persecution, by John and Charles Wesley, second edition, enlarged (London: Strahan, 1744), pages 50–52. This source does not name the author, but it seems likely the hymn is by Charles Wesley.

Redhead Richard Redhead, Church Hymn Tunes, Ancient and Modern (London: 1853) (🔊 pdf nwc).

Richard Redhead (1820–1901)

Lamb of God, who bear’st away
All the sins of all mankind,
Bow a nation to Thy sway
While we may acceptance find;
Let us thankfully embrace
The last offers of Thy grace.

Thou Thy messengers hast sent
Joyful tidings to proclaim,
Willing we should all repent,
Know salvation in Thy name,
Feel our sins by grace forgiven,
Find in Thee the way to Heav’n.

Jesu, roll away the stone,
Good Physician, show Thine art;
Make Thine healing virtue known,
Break the unbelieving heart,
Soften the obdurate crowd,
Melt the rebels by Thy blood.

Let Thy dying love constrain
Those that disregard Thy frown;
Sink the mountain to a plain,
Bring the pride of sinners down;
By Thy bloody cross subdue,
Tell them, I have died for you!

Or if yet they will not turn
In their acceptable day,
Will not look on Thee and mourn,
Will not cast their sins away,
Them at last by judgments shake,
By Thy thunder’s voice awake.

Force our hardened souls to fear,
Visit with affliction’s rod,
Let us have our chastening here,
Fall into the hands of God;
Scourge, but make not a full end,
Punish us, but, Lord, amend.

Let th’effect of Jacob’s pain
Be to purge his sin away,
Let the stock take root again,
Flourish in a Gospel day,
Forth in gracious blossoms shoot,
Fill the Earth with golden fruit.

If the ruin be decreed,
Turn it to Thy people’s good,
Still preserve the holy seed,
Arm us with Thy sprinkled blood,
Till the utmost grace we prove,
Perfect in all-patient love.