Be careful for nothing; but in every thing by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God.@Philippians 4:6
Rebecca E. Lee (1995-)

Rebecca E. Lee, 2015 (public domain).

I was watching a documentary about Fanny Crosby, and her testimony deeply touched me. As I watched it, I thought, If she was such a radiant testimony of Jesus’ love, and she did not let her blindness spoil the joy and love Jesus gave her after she committed her life to Him, why should I complain when I have sight, and energy to wake up with every day, and a voice to praise my God, as well as so many other blessings! How dare I complain when I have been so greatly blessed by my Jesus! Even if I was cast into prison for my faith I’d have something to praise the Lord for! It was then the tune and the words came to my mind.

Rebecca Lee, 2015

Rebecca E. Lee, David E. Lee & Jessie A. Lee (🔊 pdf nwc).

Jessie A. Lee (1992-)

If I have not the joy of my Jesus today,
If I have not lain all on the cross,
My goals and my talents shall fall to the ground,
And all will be infinite loss.


Jesus, Jesus, my Friend!
Let my life matter for Thee!
Let not my burdens o’ershadow Thy joy
That Thou has given to me!

If blind can be happy without precious sight,
Why then should I complain if I see?
How dare I be selfish, ungratefully sigh,
When Jesus has giv’n all for me!


Fill my heart with Thy love and Thy zeal, dearest Lord!
Father, have Thine own will, Thine own way!
And when I demand that my will must be done,
Lord, purge me and teach me to say: