Scripture Verse

When they came to the place called Calvary, there they crucified Him. Luke 23:33


Jennie E. Hussey (1874–1958)

Words: Jen­nie E. Hus­sey, 1921. First ap­peared in New Songs of Praise and Pow­er.

Music: Will­iam J. Kirk­pat­rick (🔊 pdf nwc).


Lamentation of Christ
Jan S. van Hemessen (1500–1556)

King of my life, I crown Thee now,
Thine shall the glo­ry be;
Lest I forget Thy thorn crowned brow,
Lead me to Cal­va­ry.


Lest I forget Geth­se­ma­ne,
Lest I for­get Thine ago­ny;
Lest I for­get Thy love for me,
Lead me to Cal­va­ry.

Show me the tomb where Thou wast laid,
Tenderly mourned and wept;
Angels in robes of light ar­rayed
Guarded Thee whilst Thou slept.


Let me like Ma­ry, through the gloom,
Come with a gift to Thee;
Show to me now the emp­ty tomb,
Lead me to Cal­va­ry.


May I be will­ing, Lord, to bear
Daily my cross for Thee;
Even Thy cup of grief to share,
Thou hast borne all for me.