Scripture Verse

As thy days, so shall thy strength be. Deuteronomy 33:25


Victor H. Benke

Words: Eb­en E. Rex­ford, 1900.

Music: Vic­tor H. Ben­ke (🔊 pdf nwc).

Eben E. Rexford


My Father, this I ask of Thee;
Knowing that Thou wilt grant the plea—
For this, and only this, I pray
Strength for today—just for today.


Strength for each trial and each task,
What more, my Father, should I ask?
Just as I need it, day by day,
Strength for my weakness—this I pray.

I do not ask a lifted load,
Nor for a smooth and thornless road;
Simply for strength enough to bear
Life’s daily burdens anywhere.


Strength for the present hour and need—
This given, then I’m blest indeed;
For each day, as it comes, will bring
Sufficient strength for anything.


Strength for today, that I may make
Some sad souls glad, for Jesus’ sake;
Then they, with me, at eve shall say,
Thank God for strength He gave today.