When wilt Thou come unto me?@Psalm 101:2
Addison Ballard (1822–1914)

Addison Ballard, circa 1895, alt.

Croxley Green Edward A. Freeman (🔊 pdf nwc).

Just as Thou art; to me, a child,
Self banished and unreconciled,
To win through patient mercy mild,
Come, Father, unto me.

Just as Thou art; without delay,
Although to rescue me Thy way
Grows dark with Calvary’s bloody day,
Come, Jesus, unto me.

Just as Thou art; my guilty soul
Beyond my struggling will’s control,
To cleanse from sin and make me whole,
Come, Spirit, unto me.

Just as Thou art; blest Three in One,
Accepting, as it were my own,
The praise of what is Thine alone;
Come, Father, Spirit, Son.