Scripture Verse

A Samaritan woman came to the well to draw water. Jesus said to her, Give me some water to drink. John 4:7


Words & Mu­sic: John B. Hicks, in The Gos­pel Glean­er (Wa­co, Tex­as: Trio Mu­sic, 1901), alt. (🔊 pdf nwc).

Woman at the Well
Carl H. Bloch (1834–1890)


Our Sav­ior once wan­dered on earth as a man,
Both foot­sore and wea­ry to Sa­ma­ria’s land;
A sto­ry He told, most won­drous­ly grand:
Salvation thro’ Je­sus for poor sin­ful man!


We’ll sing this sweet song, this glo­ri­ous song,
Of Je­sus who died on the tree!
He died on the tree for you and for me!
O, sing the sweet sto­ry: Sal­va­tion is free!

Sore, wea­ry, and thirs­ty, He came to a well,
And there, to a wo­man, this sto­ry did tell;
She heard it with joy, for her soul could be free,
And she this sal­va­tion thro’ Je­sus did see!


Then brother, let’s sing this sweet story, so true,
Salvation thro’ Je­sus, for me and for you!
Let every glad heart this great message now tell,
The same old sweet story, told there at the well!