On your feet! He’s calling you.@Mark 10:49
Phoebe P. Knapp (1839–1908)

Jo­seph D. Smith, 1872.

Sar­a­je­vo Phoe­be P. Knapp (🔊 pdf nwc).

Joseph D. Smith (1817–1889)

Jesus Christ is passing by,
Sinner, lift to Him thine eye;
As the precious moments flee,
Cry, be merciful to me.

Lo, He stands and calls to thee,
What wilt thou then have of Me?
Rise, and tell Him all thy need;
Rise, He calleth thee indeed.

Lord, I would Thy mercy see;
Lord, reveal Thy love to me;
Let it penetrate my soul,
All my heart and life control.

O how sweet the touch of power
Comes, and is salvation’s hour:
Jesus gives from guilt release,
Faith hath saved thee, go in peace!