Put your finger here and look at My hands! Put your hand into My side. Stop doubting and have faith!@John 20:27

Salathial C. Kirk, in Choice Hymns No. 1, edited by J. Wilbur Chapman & Winfield S. Weeden (New York & Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: Hall-Mack, 1902), number 45.

Marina del Rey Emily D. Wilson, 1902 (🔊 pdf nwc). Some hymnals show the composer as Mrs. J. G. Wilson (Emily’s husband was John G. Wilson).

Salathial C. Kirk (1845 - ca. 1917)

So strange it seemed and wondrous,
When first it came to me,
The story of King Jesus,
I asked Can such things be?
I felt my heart replying,
O if I only knew!
The cross, the thorns, the dying!
Oh is it, is it true?


I love to hear it spoken,
I love to read it through;
But O for word or token
To tell me it is true!

And when I heard the story
Told o’er and o’er again,
How Jesus, now in glory,
Was walking still with men,
Was filling hearts with gladness,
And scattering sunshine through;
My own heart longed in sadness
To know if it were true.


Then softly was it spoken,
Come, lean upon My breast,
Ye weary ones, heartbroken,
And I will give you rest.

My heart, so sad and lonely,
A little closer drew;
I cried, O Lord, if only
I felt and knew it true!

Last Refrain

My Savior, O my Savior!
The old, old story’s new!
My strength, my joy forever,
I know, I know it’s true.