I go to prepare a place for you.@John 14:2
Eliza E. Hewitt (1851–1920)

Eliza E. Hewitt, in Christian Hymns, by W. P. Hall & J. Wilbur Chapman (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: Hall-Mack, 1899).

William J. Kirkpatrick (🔊 pdf nwc). Some hymnals show the composer as A. F. Bourne, Kirkpatrick’s pseudonym.

William J. Kirkpatrick (1838–1921)

When the pearly gates are opened
To a sinner saved by grace,
When thro’ everlasting mercy,
I behold my Savior’s face,
When I enter in the mansions
Of the city bright and fair,
I shall have a royal welcome,
For I’ll be no stranger there.


I shall be no stranger there;
Jesus will my place prepare;
He will meet me, He will greet me;
I shall be no stranger there.

Thro’ time’s ever changing seasons,
I am pressing t’ward the goal;
’Tis my heart’s sweet native country,
’Tis the homeland of my soul;
Many loved ones, clothed with beauty,
In those wondrous glories share;
When I rise, redeemed, forgiven,
I shall be no stranger there.


There my dear Redeemer liveth,
Blessèd Lamb upon the throne;
By the crimson marks upon them,
He will surely claim His own.
So, whenever sad or lonely,
Look beyond the earthly care;
Weary child of God, remember,
You will be no stranger there.