I will sing aloud of Thy mercy in the morning.@Psalm 59:16

Amos F. Herr, 1890. Herr wrote this hymn one Sunday morning when the snow was so deep that his horse could not make it through the drifts to get him to church.

Gratitude (Herr) Amos F. Herr, in Hymns and Tunes for Public and Private Worship, and Sunday Schools (Elkhart, Indiana: Mennonite Publishing, 1890), number 169 (🔊 pdf nwc).

Amos F. Herr (1816–1897)

I owe the Lord a morning song
Of gratitude and praise,
For the kind mercy He has shown
In lengthening out my days.

He kept me safe another night;
I see another day;
Now may His Spirit, as the light,
Direct me in His way.

Keep me from danger and from sin;
Help me Thy will to do,
So that my heart be pure within;
And I Thy goodness know.

Keep me till Thou wilt call me hence,
Where never night can be;
And save me, Lord, for Jesus’ sake.
He shed His blood for me.