The night cometh.@John 9:4
Mary Mills (1855–1924)

Mary Mills, in Alleluia, edited by Franklin L. Sheppard (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: Presbyterian Board of Publication, 1915), number 171. Some hymnals show the author as Marie Corelli, Mills’ pseudonym.

Celestial Voices R. Francis Lloyd (🔊 pdf nwc).

In our hearts celestial voices
Softly say,
Day is passing, night is coming;
Kneel and pray!

Father, we obey the summons;
Hear our cry:
Pity us, and help our weakness,
Thou most high!

For the joys that most we cherish
Praised be Thou!
Good and gracious art Thou ever;
Hear us now.

Coming morrows we may never
Live to see;
All we ask Thee is to keep us
Safe with Thee.

Take us in Thy arms, and keep us
As Thine own.
Gather us with Thee forever
Round Thy throne.