The firstfruits of the Spirit.@Romans 8:23

Edward W. Eddis (1825–1905).

First Fruits (Paine) John K. P. Paine, in Hymns and Songs of Praise, edited by Roswell D. Hitchcock, Zachary Eddy, & Philip Schaff (New York: A. S. Barnes, 1874) (🔊 pdf nwc).

John K. Paine (1839–1906)

In us the hope of glory
O risen Lord, art Thou:
The firstfruits of the Spirit
Are in us now;
Yet still in dust and ashes
Before Thy throne we kneel;
And in our hearts is hidden
Thy living seal.

The whole creation groaneth
In prison chains for Thee:
O rend the veil asunder,
And set us free.
Raise up Thy holy sleepers,
And change Thy saints on earth,
In all, as one, revealing,
The second birth.

O come in all Thy glory,
Our great Immanuel;
Come forth, our Prince and Savior,
With us to dwell.
Bring Thine eternal Sabbath,
Bring Thine eternal day,
And cause all grief and sighing,
To flee away.