There were in the same country shepherds abiding in the field, keeping watch over their flock by night.@Luke 2:8

Willis B. Allen, 1911.

The great world was weary, by Willis Boyd Allen, of Boston, was written as a Christmas greeting to the author’s mother, and afterward a few copies were distributed among her friends. It was first published in [the 1911 Methodist Sunday School hymnal]…Unfortunately the author’s phrase, But shepherds abode with their flocks by night is misprinted shepherds above.

Carl Fowler Price
The Christian Advocate
, November 28, 1912

Burdett George A. Burdett, 1911 (🔊 pdf nwc).

The great world was weary and turned from the light;
The sinful were tired of sinning and slept;
But shepherds abode with their flocks by night,
And in the same country their faithful watch kept.

No welcome for strangers, for baby no room,
Save one little manger upon the cold ground,
As Mary and Joseph drew nigh through the gloom,
And in the same country a resting place found.

Above the dark hilltops there shone a bright star,
As Bethlehem woke to its first Christmas morn;
And songs of great joy filled the heavens afar,
For in the same country child Jesus was born.

O hearts that are heavy, O sad and forlorn,
O poor feet that falter and halt by the way,
Rejoice! Unto mankind a Savior is born—
This is the same country, ’tis Christmas today.