We…are come to worship.@Matthew 2:2

Thornton B. Penfield, in Glad Tidings, by William L. Mason (New York: A. Barnes & Company, 1899), number 77.

Penfield, Jason N. Pierce, in Worship and Song, edited by Benjamin S. Winchester & Grace Wilbur Conant (New York; Boston, Massachusetts & Chicago, Illinois: Pilgrim Press, 1913), number 217 (🔊 pdf nwc).

In loving adoration,
We come to worship Thee,
Thou author of salvation
So wonderful, so free.
Oh, teach us how to praise Thee,
As we before Thee stand,
And hear us as we pray Thee
To bless our own dear land.

For millions still in darkness
Within this land of light,
For men who’ve wandered blindly
From home and God and right,
And those who ne’er have seen Thee,
Thou God of love and might,
We earnestly beseech Thee—
May they receive their sight.

Be Thou our strong defender,
Our confidence alone;
Be Thou our country’s ruler,
Our nation’s cornerstone;
And thus led by Thy Spirit,
And heeding Thy blest Word,
From ocean unto ocean
All men shall call Thee Lord!