Scripture Verse

Do not fear; you are more valuable than many sparrows.@Matthew 10:31

Words: Vir­gil O. Stamps, in His Voice of Love, ed­it­ed by James D. Vaug­han (Law­rence­burg, Ten­nes­see: James D. Vaugh­an, 1924), num­ber 50, alt.

Music: Otis Dea­ton (🔊 pdf nwc).

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Virgil O. Stamps

The One who notes the sparrow’s fall,
Cannot but hear me when I call;
So I’ll not dread the tempter’s snare,
For I am in the Savior’s care.


He watches me both night and day,
He sees me when I lose my way;
He lifts me up whene’er I fall:
He hears my every feeble call.

Tho’ tempted oft by Satan’s wiles,
Out where the host of sin beguiles;
E’en tho’ I sin, He’ll hear my prayer,
And rescue me, I’m in His care.


My path may be among the thorns,
Where evil e’er the way adorns;
Yet I will trust His guiding hand,
To lead me to the promised land.