I love the Lord, for He heard my voice.@Psalm 116:1

Mary A. Bingham, in Saving Grace, edited by Alonzo Stone & Adam Geibel (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: Stone & Bechter, 1898), number 16.

Deptford Charles Bentley (🔊 pdf nwc).

I love the Lord my Savior,
Because He heareth me,
Forever I will praise Him;
As long as life shall be.
Though sorrows may surround me
And pains of death may come,
My Savior, He is near me,
Why should I fear to roam?

And when I call He heareth,
He blesseth even now,
He holds and keeps and saves me,
When at His feet I bow.
Then will I ever praise Him,
For all His love to me,
Until in yon bright city,
I gain sweet liberty.

While living I will praise Him,
When dying I will sing,
He lives to reign forever,
My Savior and my king.
I love the Lord my Savior,
Because He loveth me,
Forever shall I praise Him,
Thro’ all eternity.