Because He first loved us.@1 John 4:19

Gracie E. Lovelight, in Songs of Joy and Gladness, by John R. Sweney, William Kirkpatrick et al. (Boston, Massachusetts: McDonald, Gill & Company, 1885), number 38.

Darmstadt William J. Kirkpatrick (🔊 pdf nwc).

William J. Kirkpatrick (1838–1921)

I know not why my Savior
Has done so much for me;
I know not why His favor
Has come so constantly;
But this I know: I love Him
And trust Him day by day,
And cast my care upon Him,
And watch and praise and pray.

I know not why my Savior
Should leave a glorious throne
To bleed and die on Calvary,
For sinners to atone;
But this I know, ’tis certain,
He fully ransomed me,
And in that truth believing
I realize I’m free.

I know not why He bids me
Breathe forth my wants in prayer,
While day by day He sees me,
And knows my every care;
But this I know, while praying
And trusting in His Word,
My soul refreshed and strengthened,
Rests sweetly on the Lord.

I know not where He leads me,
And yet I follow still;
I know not why He needs me
My vineyard place to fill:
But this I know, at duty
In prayer or holy song,
My heart keeps overflowing
With rapture all day long!