Rejoice, because your names are written in Heaven.@Luke 10:20
Daniel S. Warner (1842–1895)

Daniel S. Warner, Echoes from Glory (Grand Junction, Michigan: Gospel Trumpet Publishing, 1893), number 221.

Barney. E. Warren (🔊 pdf nwc). Some hymnals have a misprint that shows the composer as R. E. Warren.

Barney E. Warren (1867–1951)

My name is in the Book of Life,
O bless the name of Jesus;
I rise above all doubt and strife,
And read my title clear.


I know, I know my name is there (is there);
I know, I know, my name is written there.

My name once stood with sinners, lost,
And bore a painful record;
But by His blood the Savior crossed,
And placed it on His roll.


Yet inward trouble often cast
A shadow o’er my title;
But now with full salvation blest,
Praise God! it’s ever clear.


While others climb thro’ worldly strife,
To carve a name of honor,
High up in Heaven’s Book of Life,
My name is written there.