Scripture Verse

I heard a voice speaking unto me. Acts 26:14


Thomas Kelly

Words: Tho­mas Kel­ly, in the se­cond ser­ies of his Hymns on Va­ri­ous Pass­ag­es of Scrip­ture, 1806.

Music: Sti­ast­ny Jo­hann Sti­ast­ny, 1868 (🔊 pdf nwc).


I hear a voice that comes from far;
From Calvary it sounds abroad;
It soothes my soul, and calms my fear;
It speaks of pardon bought with blood.

And is it true, that many fly
The sound that bids my soul rejoice;
And rather choose in sin to die,
Than turn an ear to mercy’s voice!

Alas for those! The day is near,
When mercy will be heard no more;
Then will they ask in vain to hear
The voice they would not hear before.

With such, I own, I once appeared,
But now I know how great their loss;
For sweeter sounds were never heard
Than mercy utters from the cross.

But let me not forget to own,
That if I differ aught from those,
’Tis due to sovereign grace alone,
That oft selects its proudest foes.