In His love and in His pity He redeemed them.@Isaiah 63:9

Randall H. Ballantyne, in the Young Singer’s Friend, or, the Lee Avenue Collection of Hymns and Songs, edited by Jeremiah Johnson (New York: A. S. Barnes, 1859), number 11.

Ibérico The Sabbath School Pearl (New York: G. S. Schofield, 1861), page 33 (🔊 pdf nwc).

How loving is Jesus! who came from the sky,
In tenderest pity for sinners to die;
His hands and His feet they were nailed to the tree,
And all this He suffered for you and for me.

How gladly does Jesus free pardon impart
To all who receive Him by faith in their heart;
No evil befalls them, their home is above,
And Jesus throws round them the arms of His love.

How precious is Jesus to all who believe,
And out of His fullness what grace they receive!
When weak, He supports them; when erring, He guides;
And every thing needful He kindly provides.

Oh, give then to Jesus your earliest days,
They only are blessèd who walk in His ways;
In life and in death He will still be your friend,
For whom Jesus loves, He loves to the end.