Scripture Verse

This is none other but the house of God, and this is the gate of Heaven. Genesis 28:17


Words & Mu­sic: Ralph P. Mer­ri­field, 2001 (🔊 pdf).

Ralph P. Merrifield


I see angels ascending, descending on a stairway from heaven to earth.
At the top stands the Lord, God of Abr’ham. He is mighty.


How awesome is this place, dear Father,
How beautiful the house of God.
Your Presence at the gate of heaven, it is good to be near.
It is good to be here.
How awesome is this place, oh Lord.

I feel blessings ascending, descending on the hearts and the pray’rs of the saints
Through this fellowship, sweet, comes His pleasure. He is lovely!


To the Ancient of Days be the honor. He is worthy alone to be praised.
We will sing through the ages in Glory You are Holy!