In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.@John 1:1
William H. Havergal (1793–1870)

William H. Havergal. First sung June 9, 1833, in Astley Church, Worcestershire, England, and published in A Book of General Psalmody, by William Carus Wilson, 1840.

Christmas George F. Handel, from the opera Ciroë (Cyrus), 1728; arranged in Harmonia Sacra, 1812 (🔊 pdf nwc) (repeats last line of each verse).

George F. Handel (1685–1759)

Hosanna! raise the pealing hymn
To David’s Son and Lord;
With cherubim and seraphim,
Exalt th’Incarnate Word.

Hosanna! Lord, our feeble tongue
No lofty strains can raise:
But Thou wilt not despise the young,
Who meekly chant Thy praise.

Hosanna! Sovereign, Prophet, Priest,
How vast Thy gifts—how free!
Thy blood, our life—Thy Word, our feast—
Thy name, our only plea.

Hosanna! Master, lo! we bring
Our offerings to Thy throne;
Not gold, nor myrrh, nor mortal thing,
But hearts to be Thine own.

Hosanna! once Thy gracious ear
Approved a lisping throng:
Be gracious still, and deign to hear
Our poor, but grateful song.

O Savior! if, redeemed by Thee
Thy temple we behold;
Hosannas, through eternity,
We’ll sing to harps of gold!