Let the heart of them rejoice that seek the Lord.@1 Chronicles 16:10

Clarence B. Felton, 1920 (🔊 pdf nwc). Written for the family farewell to Bishop and Mrs. Bickley, as they depart for Singapore. Also the last family gathering in the Felton Homestead for many years. September 14, 1920.

Homes are God’s purest shrines
Where His love strongest speaketh;
In these loved walls we’ve felt all the days,
That which the heart e’er seeketh.

Words that were wise and pure
Down thro’ the years resounded;
Sent us all forth with purposes strong
Because in Him we’re grounded.

Our paths of service course
Thro’ many fields and nations;
But all the roads lead on t’ward His home,
Blest of all habitations.

The calls to duty come,
Bringing their joy and sorrow;
And when they come we love to obey,
Trusting in God’s tomorrow.

Here we shall meet no more
In this home filled with mem’ries;
’Tis God’s good will, for each of us best;
He will reveal more glories.