Let us hold fast the profession of our faith without wavering.@Hebrews 10:23
Robert H. Baynes (1831–1895)
© National Portrait Gallery

Robert H. Baynes, in Church Hymns with Tunes, edited by Arthur S. Sullivan (London: Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge, 1874), number 234.

Ingatestone Arthur H. Brown, in he Hymnal, Revised and Enlarged, edited by William W. Rousseau & John I. Tucker (New York: Century Company, 1894), number 298 (🔊 pdf nwc).

Arthur H. Brown (1830–1926)

Holy Spirit, Lord of glory,
Look on us Thy flock today,
Meekly kneeling at Thy footstool
For Thy sevenfold gifts we pray;
Guide us all our earthly journey
In the true and narrow way.

Foes on every hand are round us,
And our hearts are weak and frail;
Gird us with Thy heavenly armor;
Never let us yield or quail;
Give us victory in the struggle
When the hosts of sin assail.

Blessèd Jesus, draw Thou near us,
As before Thy cross we bow;
Help us to be true and faithful,
Seal our sacramental vow;
We Thy soldiers are, and servants;
Hear our solemn promise now.

Lead us by Thy guiding presence
Through the waste with danger rife;
Feed us with the heavenly manna,
That we faint not in the strife;
Slake our weary spirits’ thirsting
From the living well of life.

Looking ever unto Jesus,
Leaning on His staff and rod;
May we follow in His footsteps,
Tread the path that He has trod,
Till we dwell with Him for ever
In the paradise of God!