He will be our guide even to the end.@Psalm 48:14

Birdie Bell, in The Best Gospel Songs and Their Composers (Dalton, Georgia: A. J. Showalter, 1904), number 133.

Benjamin F. Roe, Sr. (🔊 pdf nwc).

Benjamin F. Roe, Sr. (1876–1961)

I have felt His guiding hand all the way;
I have heard His sweet command day by day;
He has made my heart rejoice
As I listen to His voice,
Make the narrow path thy choice and obey.


Blessèd hand! guiding hand!
Leading to the heav’nly land,
Where the weary journey o’er,
I shall praise Him evermore.

When the clouds are dark o’erhead, He is near;
When the road is rough I tread, He doth cheer;
I can trust my heav’nly guide,
As I journey at His side,
And whatever may betide, I’ll not fear.


To my Father’s house I’ll come by and by,
For the promised rest at home oft I sigh;
I shall see Him face to face,
Then I’ll praise His love and grace,
Which have led me to that place—home on high!