Have mercy upon me, and hear my prayer.@Psalm 4:1

Florence E. Blocher, in Chiming Voices, edited by James H. Rosecrans & J. T. Toof (New York: Asa Hull, 1893), number 102.

Veracruz John T. Camp, 1893 (🔊 pdf nwc).

O heav’nly Father, hear my prayer,
Offered in faith to Thee;
In every trial that I bear,
Wilt Thou my refuge be?


Teach me to know and do Thy will,
And Thy commands obey;
Help me my duty to fulfill,
And trust Thee day by day.

Reclaim me when I go astray,
My sins and faults forgive;
And help me to Thy cause each day
Some humble service give.


Give me not wealth nor poverty,
Thy love to me impart;
This grant, whate’er my lot may be,
A wise, contented heart.