Escape for thy life; look not behind thee, neither stay thou in all the plain; escape to the mountain, lest thou be consumed.@Genesis 19:17

From Sacred Lyrics, edited by Nathan S. S. Beman (Troy, New York: N. Tuttle, Printer, 1832), number 11.

From Spiritual Songs, by Thomas Hastings & Lowell Mason (Boston, Massachusetts: Carter, Hendee & Company, 1834), pages 132–33 (🔊 pdf nwc).

Escape of Lot from Sodom
Matthäus Merian (1593–1650)

Haste thee, sinner, haste away,
Vengeance is at hand!
From destruction quickly flee,
Flee at God’s command:
No more inquire.
Lo! the city’s doom is sealed;
Wrath from Heav’n shall be revealed
In liquid fire!

Haste thee, sinner, haste away
From th’o’erwhelming rain!
Break at once thy long delay,
Stay not in the plain!
In threatening form,
See the clouds above thy head,
All around their folds are spread,
O, flee the storm!

Haste thee, sinner, haste away,
Ere the tempest falls!
Now the warning voice obey,
While the Spirit calls:
For refuge fly;
In the fate of Sodom see
What may quickly come to thee:
Why wilt thou die?

Haste thee, sinner, haste away,
While ’tis mercy’s hour;
Harden not thy heart today,
Through the tempter’s power;
O, turn and live;
Jesus is the hiding place,
Flee to Him, and trust His grace;
He will forgive.