Scripture Verse

I went…to the house of God, with the voice of joy and praise. Psalm 42:4


Words & Mu­sic: John H. Kurz­en­kna­be, 1891 (🔊 pdf nwc).

John H. Kurzenknabe (1840–1927)


Bells of praise! Bells of praise!
How the mer­ry bells are ring­ing,
Joyous notes their mes­sage bring­ing!
Come where love and mer­cy meet,
Bells of praise ring clear and sweet.


Hark to the bells so sweet­ly blend­ing;
Go with heart and voice at­tend­ing;
Love and mer­cy meet you there,
In this hour of praise and pray­er.

Bells of pray­er! Bells of pray­er!
Oh, how ten­der­ly the plead­ing,
Weary, long­ing souls en­treat­ing,
Have a par­don full and free!
Bells of pray­er en­treat­ing thee!


Bells of joy! Bells of joy!
Loud and clear the peals are tell­ing
Of the songs of prais­es swell­ing.
Worship in yon tem­ple hall;
Bells of joy pro­claim the call.