The whole family in Heaven.@Ephesians 3:15

Amos Sutton, 1833. Sutton, a missionary to India, wrote these words during a visit to England.

Fair Haven traditional Scottish tune (🔊 pdf nwc).

Hail! sweetest, dearest tie that binds
Our glowing hearts in one;
Hail sacred hope, that tunes our minds
To harmony divine.
It is the hope, the blissful hope,


Which Jesus’ grace has giv’n;
The hope when days and years are passed,
We all shall meet in Heav’n.

What though the northern wintry blast
Shall howl around thy cot,
What though beneath an eastern sun,
Be cast our distant lot;
Yet still we share the blissful hope!


No lingering hope, no parting sigh,
Our future meetings knows;
The friendship beams from every eye,
And hope immortal grows,
O sacred hope! O blissful hope!