He doth send out His voice.@Psalm 68:33
Henry W. Davies (1869–1941)

Joseph Johnson, Dibs: A Story of Young London Life (at the beginning of chapter 4: ‘Promoted to the Choir’), 1888. The hymn was published in School Hymns in 1891.

Childhood Henry W. Davies, 1923 (🔊 pdf nwc).

God speaks to us in bird and song,
In winds that drift the clouds along,
Above the din and toil of wrong,
A melody of love.

God speaks to us in far and near,
In peace of home and friends most dear,
From the dim past and present clear,
A melody of love.

God speaks to us in darkest night,
By quiet ways through mornings bright,
When shadows fall with evening light,
A melody of love.

O Voice divine, speak Thou to me,
Beyond the earth, beyond the sea,
First let me hear, then sing to Thee,
A melody of love.