All the earth is Mine.@Exodus 19:5
Thomas Gibbons (1720-1785)
© National Portrait Gallery

Thomas Gibbons, Hymns Adapted to Divine Worship 1769. The original was a poem of 46 stanzas. The three verses starting O charge the waves, in substance were written off Margate, by Mr. William Ward, one of the Baptist Missionaries, on their departure for India, May 28, 1799, according to John Rippon.

Hummel Heinrich C. Zeuner, 1832 (🔊 pdf nwc).

Great God, the nations of the earth,
Are by creation Thine;
And in Thy works, by all beheld,
Thy radiant glories shine.

But, Lord, Thy greater love has sent
Thy Gospel to mankind,
Unveiling what rich stores of grace
Are treasured in Thy mind.

Lord, when shall these glad tidings spread
The spacious earth around,
Till every tribe and every soul
Shall hear the joyful sound?

O when shall Afric’s sable sons
Enjoy the heavenly word,
And vassals, long enslaved, become
The freedmen of the Lord?

When shall th’untutored heathen tribes,
A dark bewildered race,
Sit down at our Immanuel’s feet,
And learn and feel His grace?

Haste, sovereign mercy, and transform
Their cruelty to love;
Soften the tiger to a lamb,
The vulture to a dove!

Smile, Lord, on each divine attempt
To spread the Gospel’s rays,
And build on sin’s demolished throne
The temples of Thy praise.

O charge the waves to bear our friends
In safety o’er the deep;
Let the rough tempest speed their way,
Or bid its fury sleep.

Whene’er Thy sons proclaim good news,
Beneath the banyan’s shade,
Let the poor Hindu feel its power,
And grace his soul pervade.

O let the heavenly Shaster spread;
Bid Brahmans preach the word;
And may all India’s tribes become
One caste to serve the Lord!