The one and only, who came from the Father, full of grace and truth.@John 1:14
William A. Ogden (1841–1897)

Jennie Cranston, 1902.

William A. Ogden (🔊 pdf nwc).

Glory, glory, God is our heavenly Father;
Thro’ His love He gave us His only Son,
To redeem us, heirs of His glory forever,
Heav’n and earth adore Him, the Holy One.


Sing, O sing! Sing of the gracious Redeemer;
Sing, O sing! His marvelous power make known.
Praise Him, praise Him, He is our Shepherd eternal,
High in power, He reigneth upon the throne.

Pardon, pardon, Jesus has purchased our pardon;
Thro’ His death He gave to us hope and love.
Shepherd, lead us close by the waters eternal,
Coming down from fountains of grace above.


Praises, praises, sing to the Savior our praises!
Hallelujah, grace reaches even me;
Worthy, ever, He who hath brought us salvation,
Throned above, our King and our Lord to be.