The whole earth is full of His glory.@Isaiah 6:3

Julia H. Johnston, in Bible Study Songs, by Bertha F. Vella & Daniel B. Towner (Boston, Massachusetts & Chicago, Illinois: Pilgrim Press, 1899), page 78.

Pacific Palisades Daniel B. Towner, 1899 (🔊 pdf nwc).

Daniel B. Towner (1850–1919)

God has a praise book, a wonderful praise book,
Full of thanksgivings and jubilant song;
Hillside and valley and beautiful blossom,
Echo His praises, and glad notes prolong.

Trees that are fruitful, each one in his season,
Fertile green pastures, where still waters flow,
Tell of His goodness, and show forth His glory,
Ever proclaiming His mercy below.

Serve Him with gladness, all lands and all nations,
Come with a song to His presence today,
Enter these portals with fervent rejoicing;
He is the Lord, who endureth alway.

Praise ye Jehovah, oh praise Him, ye people;
Sing, for His merciful kindness is great;
He is the Lord, and His truth is forever;
Come to His courts, and in gratitude wait.