Christ…raised from the dead.@Romans 6:9

Franklin Hunter, 2004–05 (released to the public domain).

The last verse and chorus were composed on Good Friday, 9 April 2004, and first sung in this form in Downpatrick Baptist Church, N. Ireland, on Easter Sunday, 11 April 2004. The music is so majestic and triumphant that to leave it as a single verse didn’t satisfy the heart, so the first three verses have been added today, 17 February 2005.

Franklin Hunter

Judas Maccabaeus George F. Handel, 1747 (🔊 pdf nwc).

George F. Handel (1685–1759)

Great God and Saviour, on this Easter day
Gathered in Thy presence, we Thy children pray;
Make our praises incense, waft them all around
As we lift our voices, this the joyful sound:


We’re here to praise You, Resurrection Day
Fill us with Your Spirit, speak, O Lord, we pray.

Angels announce Him, Jesus is the Lord and Christ
Source of our redemption, centre of our tryst;
He the Way has opened so that sinners we
Find through Him our pardon, peace and purity.


Death hides no terrors, naught can separate
Thou the conqu’ring Saviour we appreciate;
Worshipping before Thee, in Thy righteousness
Thy death hath procured this, Thee we gladly bless.


Here then is Jesus, sound His praises long,
Blend them all together, sing them in a song.
Make them loud and joyful, Resurrection Day
Christ is all victorious, nothing more to pay.