Bless our God, ye people, and make the voice of His praise to be heard.@Psalm 66:8

Anonymous, 1808. Original first line: Great God, our infant voices raise.

Pub. anonymously in Rowland Hill’s Hys. for the Use of S. Schools, 1808, in 4 sts. of 6 l. The hymn was designed to be sung by children, the congregation taking st. iv. as a chorus. In the Bristol S. S. H. Bk., 1812, that st. was omitted, and has not since been restored. In Stowell’s Manchester Sel., 1831, No. 156, the opening line of the hymn begins, Great God, our voice to Thee we raise, and in one or two other hymn-books the first line is again altered to Great God, our youthful voices raise.

Julian, p. 453

Alpha, in the Sabbath School Melodist, edited by William Byrnes (Boston: Massachusetts Sabbath School Society, 1850), number 1 (🔊 pdf nwc).

Great God! our voice to Thee we raise
Tune Thou our lips and hearts with praise,
Thy goodness to adore:
Our life, our health, and every friend,
From Thee arise—on Thee depend,
Kind Father of the poor.

Stretch o’er our heads Thy guardian wings,
Secure the weak, O King of kings!
Our shield and refuge be:
Thy Spirit, Lord, conduct our youth,
Thro’ Christ, the life, the way, the truth,
That we may come to Thee!

While friends their generous aid afford,
Accept the kind intention, Lord,
And crown it with Thy love;
Then joy shall tune our humble songs,
Till we shall join immortal tongues
In nobler praise above.

Lord, let this work of love
Be crowned with full success!
Let thousands, yet unborn,
Thy sacred name here bless!
To Thee, O Lord, all praise to Thee
We’ll raise throughout eternity.