A friend of tax collectors and sinners.@Luke 7:34
C. Newman Hall (1816–1902)

C. Newman Hall, 1857.

This hymn was composed for the author’s father, John Vine Hall, who wrote the well known tract titled The Sinner’s Friend. It is dated Bolton Abbey, September 1857, and was first published in the author’s Hymns composed at Bolton Abbey and Other Rhymes, London, 1858.

Nutter, p. 72

Carlton Joseph Barnby, 1869 (🔊 pdf nwc).

Joseph Barnby (1838–1896)

Friend of sinners, Lord of glory,
Lowly, mighty, brother, king!
Musing o’er Thy wondrous story,
Grateful we Thy praises sing:
Friend to help us, cheer us, save us,
In whom power and pity blend—
Praise we must the grace which gave us
Jesus Christ, the sinners’ friend.

Friend who never fails nor grieves us,
Faithful, tender, constant, kind;
Friend who at all times receives us,
Friend who came the lost to find.
Sorrow soothing, joys enhancing,
Loving until life shall end;
Then conferring bliss entrancing,
Still, in heaven, the sinners’ friend.

O to love and serve Thee better!
From all evil set us free;
Break, Lord, every sinful fetter;
Be each thought conformed to Thee:
Looking for Thy bright appearing,
May our spirits upward tend;
Till no longer doubting, fearing,
We behold the sinners’ friend.