Today shalt thou be with Me in paradise.@Luke 23:43
Keith L. Brooks (1887–1954)

Keith L. Brooks, 1920, alt. (🔊 pdf nwc). This song was originally written as a solo (I in place of we).

Posted August 20, 2012, in honor of my father, Jim Adams, who passed away this evening at the age of 91. A strong believer, he was a shining example of faith and service. We look forward to the day when we will see him again.

Dick Adams

We shall meet you again when the sorrows of night
Forever have vanished away;
We shall stand by your side in His glory and light,
Oh, that beautiful, wonderful shadowless day.

We shall know in that throng, as they sing of His praise,
The sound of your voice once again,
Free fore’er from the trials of these wearisome days—
Away from all misery, sorrow and pain.

Haste the glorious day, when our Lord shall return,
No longer apart we shall roam,
All our loved ones in Christ we shall surely discern—
At rest in His presence, forever at home.