We have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ.@Romans 5:1
Friedrich F. Flemming (1778–1813)

Angus S. Hibbard, in Favorite Hymns: A Collection of the Best-Loved Hymns of the American People (Washington, DC: F. J. Haskin, 1938).

Flemming Friedrich F. Flemming, 1811 (🔊 pdf nwc). Flemming wrote the tune for male voices for part of Horace’s ode Integer Vitae; it was first published as a hymn tune in the 1875 edition of the Congregational Psalmist.

Angus S. Hibbard (1860–1945)

Father in Heaven, in Thy love abounding,
Hear these Thy children through the world resounding,
Lord, in Thy praises thanks for peace abiding,
Ever abiding.

Filled be our hearts with peace beyond comparing,
Peace in Thy world, joy to all heart’s despairing,
Firm is our trust in Thee for peace enduring,
Ever enduring.

God of our fathers, strengthen every nation,
In Thy great peace where only is salvation,
So may the world its future spread before Thee
Thus to adore Thee.