The blood of the everlasting covenant.@Hebrews 13:20
Erik L. Pontoppidan (1698–1764)

Erik L. Pontoppidan, in Brödraförsamlingen (Copenhagen: 1748) (Om nogen mig nu spörge vil om grund til salighed); translated from Danish to English by A. Samuel Wallgren (1885–1940). The original text begins stanza 5 of a longer hymn beginning O! hwad jeg længes hiertelig.

Salighetsgrund Swedish folk melody, Sions Nya Sånger, 1874 (🔊 pdf nwc).

A. Samuel Wallgren (1885–1940)

If asked whereon I rest my claim
To full salvation’s joy,
If nothing more I need to name,
Or other words employ,
Besides our Savior’s blood and wounds,
To me all-satisfying grounds;
I answer then, My claim is good!
’Tis based on Jesus’ blood.

This is my hope’s foundation firm,
Which ever shall endure;
Yea, at the end of life’s brief term,
I’ll rest thereon secure,
And dreaded death shall lose its sting,
As of my Savior’s wounds I sing;
His precious blood shall be the key
That opens Heav’n for me.