Fear not, nor be dismayed, be strong and of good courage.@Joshua 10:25

James H. Ev­ans (1785–1849).

Ains­worth (Has­tings) Tho­mas Has­tings, Church Me­lo­dies (New York: An­son D. F. Ran­dolph, 1858), page 30 (🔊 pdf nwc).

Thomas Hastings (1784–1872)

Faint not, Chris­tian! though the road
Leading to thy blest abode
Darksome be, and dangerous, too;
Christ thy guide will bring thee through.

Faint not, Chris­tian! though in rage
Satan would thy soul engage;
Gird on faith’s anointed shield,
Bear it to the battlefield.

Faint not, Chris­tian! though the world
Has its hostile flag unfurled;
Hold the cross of Jesus fast—
Thou shalt overcome at last.

Faint not, Chris­tian! though within
There’s a heart so prone to sin;
Christ the Lord is over all;
He’ll not suffer thee to fall.

Faint not, Chris­tian! though thy God
Smite thee with His chastening rod;
Smite He must, with father’s care,
That He may His love declare.

Faint not, Chris­tian! Jesus’ near,
Soon in glory He’ll appear;
And His love will then bestow
Power over every foe.

Faint not, Chris­tian! look on high,
See the harpers in the sky;
Patient wait, and thou wilt join—
Chant with them of love divine.