He lifted up His hands, and blessed them.@Luke 24:50
Friedrich F. Flemming (1778–1813)

Loammi J. Ware, 19th Century, cento, alt. The only hymnal we have seen which identifies Ware as the author of these words is the Book of Worship for United States Forces (Washington, DC: The Armed Forces Chaplains Board, 1974), number 121.

Flemming Friedrich F. Flemming, 1811 (🔊 pdf nwc). Flemming wrote the tune for male voices for part of Horace’s ode Integer Vitae; it was first published as a hymn tune in the 1875 edition of the Congregational Psalmist.

Father Almighty, bless us with Thy blessing,
Answer in love Thy children’s supplication;
Hear Thou our prayer, the spoken and unspoken;
Hear us, O Father.

Shepherd of souls, who bringest all who seek Thee
To pastures green, beside the peaceful waters;
Tenderest Guide, in ways of cheerful duty,
Lead us, good Shepherd.

Father of mercy, from Thy watch and keeping
No place can part, nor hour of time remove us;
Give us Thy good, and save us from our evil,
Infinite Sprit!