The Lord is risen indeed.@Luke 24:34
Mary A. Lathbury (1841–1913)

Mary A. Lathbury, in Little Pilgrim Songs, by Mrs. Wilbur F. Crafts & Hubert P. Main (New York: Biglow & Main, 1883), number 87.

Easter Song L. L. B. (🔊 pdf nwc).

The following instructions for hand motions were published with this hymn:

v. 1, Snow-drops—hands held in front, in horizontal position. Lift your timid heads hands raised perpendicularly from the wrists. How he rose, etc. arms gradually rising until their full length is reached. Do so each time these words are sung as a chorus.

v. 2. Ring your bells, and tell the story—right arms in front, raised a little, and curved to represent a stem of lilies; imitate the ringing of bells by shaking the hand in regular motion up and down.

v. 3. Waken, sleeping butterflies—right and left hands, palm opposite palm, finger-tips touching, fingers slightly curved, to represent the chrysalis. Burst your narrow prison—hands opened slightly, with quick motion. Spread your golden wings—hands open, thumb to thumb. Spread your golden wings and rise—hands raised above, and moved to represent flying.

Snowdrops! lift your timid heads,
All the earth is waking,
Field and forest, brown and dead,
Into life are waking;
Snowdrops, rise, and tell the story,
How He rose, the Lord of glory.

Lilies! lilies! Easter calls!
Rise to meet the dawning
Of the blessèd light that falls
Through the Easter morning;
Ring your bells and tell the story,
How He rose, the Lord of glory.

Waken, sleeping butterflies,
Burst your narrow prison!
Spread your golden wings and rise,
For the Lord is risen;
Spread your wings and tell the story,
How He rose, the Lord of glory.